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Car Title Loans Andale

The economic meltdown of the past few years was felt by most Americans. Few came out from the recession unscathed. Many have a low credit score to show for it. And the economic difficulties caused most financial institutions like banks and credit unions to tighten up their purse strings, prepare for the worst and restrict their lending requirements.

People who would have normally qualified for a personal loan or had access to their home equity lines of credit found themselves without a way to borrow the money they need for emergencies or large purchases. While the economy seems to be doing better, the conditions that banks and other traditional lenders set during the economic crisis haven't improved much today.

Fortunately, a whole industry of alternative lending was born, ready to offer consumers left out in the cold the money they needed. And these lenders took a good look at how the banks were lending and decided to do it faster, more conveniently for the borrower and better.

Car title loans Wichita KS are an example short-term loans.

They are one of the top options borrowers look at because they’re geared to people that own their car but have had some financial problems in the past that have affected their credit scores. Unlike payday loans and pawning, car title loans are a better borrowing option because they use the car’s title to secure the loan. And a secured loan puts lenders at ease, making it faster and cheaper to borrow money.

Car title loans Andale use your car’s title as collateral.

Because it’s all about the car’s title when borrowing, the steps to accessing the cash you need are short and simple. And the cash you need can be yours in a matter of hours.

Some of the advantages of using car title loans Andale to get emergency cash funds quickly are:

  • The speed and flexibility of car title loans make it a perfect funding option when you’re faced with an unexpected emergency.
  • Hardly any paperwork is required to apply.
  • It is possible to be approved for a loan with as little as the car’s title and a photo ID.
  • The borrower can get the cash funds they need normally within one day and as fast as one hour.
  • No credit check is required.
  • The borrower can still drive the car while the loan is outstanding so long as the payments are up to date.
  • The loan is set up to be short term, meaning that paying the loan back should take a month or two. This is helpful to keep the borrower out of further long-term debt.
  • You can borrow as often as you need as long as the previous car title loan was paid off.

Now that you know about the basics and benefits of a car title loan, apply for one today. Our online application will give you a free, no obligation approval and loan amount for you to think about.

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